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What Are Welding Defects? - Quora

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What are welding defects? - Quora

What are welding defects? - Quora welding can be defined as

Welding Defects

The defects in the weld can be defined as irregularities in the weld metal produced due to incorrect welding parameters or wrong welding procedures or wrong combination of filler metal and parent metal.

Weld defect may be in the form of variations from the intended weld bead shape, size and desired quality. Defects may be on the surface or inside the weld metal. Certain defects such as cracks are never tolerated but other defects may be acceptable within permissible limits. Welding defects may result into the failure of components under service condition, leading to serious ac...

What are welding defects? - Quora welding can be defined as


What are welding defects? - Quora

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