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Welding.Com » Articles Welding Processes For Aeronautics

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Welding.Com  » Articles welding processes for aeronautics

Welding.Com  » Articles

Basic Process and Product Information

The aluminations series of technical articles provides answers to commonly asked questions about TIG welding aluminum. It also explains how conventional and advanced AC TIG technology works, and it shows you how -based TIG technology may improve welding results while reducing costs.

Welding.Com  » Articles welding processes for aeronautics

When trying to find the least expensive way to add a gas welder there may be some factors to consider. This Q & A will answer your questions.

Problems when MIG welding aluminum often result from an inadequate or improperly adjusted wire feed system. This aluminations provides troubleshooting tips and explains how the unique XR-Edge™ push-pull feeder technology eliminates the source of common problems.

For TIG welding aluminum, the best results might come from an -based AC/DC TIG machine that incorporates advanced Squarewave technology, such as the Dynasty™ DX. To see if the next generation of TIG technology can improve weld quality, increase travel speed or reduce costs in your operation, read on.

Most of us don’t realize that many items we use every day have a chip inside. This Q & A section answers the most common questions about the use of microprocessors in welding equipment.

A brief listing of the advantages of using a MIG Welder. Also, answers to common questions related to MIG Welding.

to Protect your Welding Assets Q & A Answers to common questions related to welding operations, products, and safety equipment.

Because different applications sometimes call for different welding processes, selecting the right welder for your operation is important. This article reviews the typical applications for Stick, MIG, Flux Cored and TIG welding.

When choosing a wire feeder to MIG weld, the numerous factors to consider may seem overwhelming. This Q & A section answers buyers’ most frequently asked questions.

A brief listing of the advantages of using a Stick welder. Also, answers to common questions related to Stick welding.

TIG (or GTAW) welding has a long list of advantages, but it may not be the correct process in all applications. Use this Q & A section as a helpful guide in determining when to use this process.

Answers to frequent call-in inquires to the Applications Engineering staff.

Prepare yourself for ice storms or hurricanes — welding generators are your best value for auxiliary power needs.

Welding Applications

The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) is an international membership organization which focuses on aviation and the broad range of activities it offers. Committed to making aviation more accessible to all who wish to participate, EAA maintains high standards in regard to the design, building, restoration and main tenance of aircraft. Part of achieving and maintaining those standards is the job of Gerard Putzer, aircraft maintenance technician at EAA.

Is field pipe welding stuck on Stick welding? This article reviews how MIG and Flux Cord welding can be used in field pipe welding applications.

When NASCAR Craftsman Truck Driver Jack Sprague speeds around the race track, the last thing on his mind is the quality of the welds holding his winning race truck together. But, as he races past the checkered flag, he knows he has the support of one of the most successful racing operations in the world.

If a manufacturer of luxury motor homes takes the extra care to use cabinets with dovetail drawers and mortise-and-tenon doors, imagine the attention focused on the welds that hold together these 25,000 lb., 40 ft. vehicles. When Monaco Coach Corporation, which manufactures Holiday Rambler motorhomes, wanted to boost production to 25 units a day, the company purchased 42 Miller Deltaweld® 302 welding power sources paired with Miller’s 60 Series wire feeders.

Resistance welding is one of the oldest of the electric welding processes in use by industry today. The weld is made by a combination of heat, pressure and time. As the name resistance welding implies, it is the resistance of the material to welded, to flow that causes a localized heating in the part.

Thousands of job sites use -based equipment to help simplify complex welding processes (like pulsed MIG) and provide equipment features never before available. This article describes how technical colleges and high schools have integrated the technology with great success.

In the same tradition of international good will as France’s gift of the Statue of Liberty, the United States recently presented Italy with Il Cavallo, the world’s largest bronze sculpture of a horse. The gift honors the Italian people for 2,000 years of cultural heritage; recognizes the noble horse as a bearer of man and messages for centuries; encourages curiosity, imagination and creativity among youth; and commemorates Leonardo da Vinci, the Renaissance’s greatest universal man. To fully understand the significance of Il Cavallo (Italian for “The Horse”), its history must be traced back more than 500 years.

The pipeline industry is based on precision welds and lots of footage. Tommy Coker, welding foreman with Welded Construction, L.P., helps describe the pipe welding process, and he reviews the performance of Miller’s new PipePro™ 304 welding generator on a northern Minnesota project. “This . It carries more iron and creates a beautiful bead.

The 1996 Olympic , or cauldron, sat upon a 132-1/2 ft. welded steel structure. This article describes how a metal fabrication shop from Minnesota built this large, complicated structure.

content provided by Hobart Institute Of Welding Technology

Welding.Com  » Articles

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