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Welding Power Generator Specifications Define Welding Generator

Hallo ! Welcome to the a website all about welder, This a website was created as a means to provide a variety of learning, especially relating to welder actions. this session me will discuss approximately"Welding Power Generator Specifications" clearly, let's go see more...

Welding Power Generator Specifications

Welding Power Generator Specifications

ZENA mobile welding system

Welding Power Generator Specifications

Series 150 -- Series 200 -- Series 250

Modular Welding Power Generator Specifications

Power Output @ 100% Duty Cycle Series 150 --> 150 amps. (VIEW Output Curve)

Series 200 --> 200 amps. (
VIEW Output Curve)

Series 250
*--> 250 amps. (View Output Curve)
(mounted per factory recommendations, turning in recommended direction, with no obstruction to flow of cooling air)

Series 250 requires ZENA model ER350 external full-wave rectifier assembly
Minimum Drive Engine Power / Torque Requirements Series 150 --> 11 hp (Gas), 8 hp (Diesel)

Series 200 --> 16 hp (Gas), 11 hp (Diesel)

Series 250 --> 22 hp (Gas), 14 hp (Diesel
Series 150 --> (View Torque Curve)

Series 200 --> (
View Torque Curve)

Series 250 --> (
View Torque Curve)
Case Dimensions Series 150 -- 6.5" W x 8.5" H x 7" D

(See Series 150 Illustration)

Series 150B -- 6.5" W x 8.5" H x 9" D

(See Series 150B Illustration)

Series 200 -- 6.5" W x 9.5" H x 10" D

(See Series 200 Illustration)

Series 250 -- 7.5" W x 9.5" H x 9" D

(See Series 250 Illustration)
(Clear space clearance requirement -- including pulley, terminals, and mounting lugs) Typical Voltage Output @ Full Power w/Arc Established 20-26V Ultra High Frequency DC (Typically 18,000-21,000 pulses/controlled wave form transitions per second) Typical Voltage Output @ Full Power w/NO Arc Established 68-74V Ultra High Frequency DC (Typically 18,000-21,000 pulses/controlled wave form transitions per second) Min. Power Generator Shaft Speed for Maximum Output Power Approximately 6,500 RPM (Higher shaft speeds — up to approximately 16,000 rpm - have no detrimental effect on welding performance) Typical Min. Engine Speed for Max. Output Power Approximately 2,400 RPM (Assumes typical engine drive pulley to Power Generator pulley ratio of approximately 2.5:1) Direction of Rotation Series 150 -- Clockwise Rotation

Series 150B -- Bi-directional Rotation

(Clockwise Typical -- Hi-Efficiency Clockwise Option Available)

Welding Power Generator Specifications

Series 200 -- Bi-directional Rotation

(Clockwise Typical)

Series 250 -- Bi-directional Rotation

(Clockwise Typical)

Series 150B, 200 & 250 NOTE

When operating a 150B, 200 or 250 series Generator in CCW rotation mode, a thread-locking chemical adhesive should be used to insure Power Generator Drive Shaft Nut to Drive Shaft fastener connection integrity.

Optionally, for high vibration applications, an anaerobic stud/bearing fixing adhesive can also be used to insure secure and continuous, Drive Pulley to Cooling Fan and Drive Pulley to Power Generator Drive Shaft Nut contact.

System Cooling High Efficiency Forced Air   Expected Minimum Time Before Moving Component Failure 50,000 hours (rotating - welding load) NOTE:

50,000 hours = 2,083 twenty-four hour days (5.7 years of continuous operation)
Periodic Maintenance Requirement None NOTE:

Cleaning (with water and/or compressed air) may be required if operating in very dirty conditions, or if chemical contamination occurs.
DC Power Required (When Welding) 12 volts -- 7 amps. maximum (2 to 4 amps at average welding power settings in 12V electrical system) DC Power Required (When NOT Welding) 12 volts -- .05 amps. Control Circuit Protection Internal Fuses (2) (2 amp & 10 amp) Welding Controls Internal, Solid State OR

External, Solid State

(Built into electrode holder/welding cable assembly)

(Various panel mount type control options)

Accessory Control Circuits

External Device Control Outputs --> Two Standard

(more control outputs can be provided)

Control outputs to control up to 3 separate ASC Series speed controls, and for up to 6 separate WC.12S Slave Power Control Modules.

(additional control outputs can be provided as an extra cost option)

Welding Rod Sizes Series 150 --- 1/16" to 1/8" (All) to 5/32" (Some) Series 200 --- 1/16" to 5/32" (All) to 3/16" (Some) Series 250 --- 1/16" to 3/16" (All) to 1/4" (Some)   Welding Rod Compatibility ALL Types, AC or DC, including specialty rods:

Mild Steel, Low Hydrogen Steel, Stainless,
Aluminum, Nickel, Nomacast, Brazing, Hard Surfacing --- AND Cutting Rods  
Welding Power Generator Specifications

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