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Welding - How To Answers Welding Defects

Hallo ! Welcome to the a website all about welder, This a website was created as a means to provide a variety of understanding, especially relating to welder activities. on this occasion me will explain circa"Welding - How to Answers" thoroughly, let's go see more...

Welding - How to Answers welding defects

Welding - How to Answers


Aluminium dirty weld, blackishness, soot troubleshootingReasons of blackish Marks in aluminium MIG/TIG WeldingPossible Reasons Behind Black marks or Blackish Welding while welding Aluminium. Uncleaned Base metal. Wrong Welding Technique. Wrong Shielding Gas Flow. Dirty filler wire Solutions to Aluminium Black weldingCleaning Of Base Metal.This is a very important step while welding aluminum, As Aluminum has a high affinity to oxygen. it will continuously form aluminium oxide(al2o3) on the surface of the base metal & oxides will create blackish weld. Aluminium Oxide AL2O3 has a higher melting point than aluminium, it will negatively affect penetration and so strength of joint, So cleaning of the base material from Oil, Grease as well as from Oxide layer is very important for a clean and strong joint.

Cleaning measures must be followed while welding aluminium. Must use SS wire brush When using a stainless-steel brush, brush only in one direction. Take care to not brush too rough…

Welding - How to Answers welding defects
Welding - How to Answers

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