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Welding (EN120964) Introduction To Welding Class Near Me

Hi ! Welcome to the a domain all about welder, This a domain was created as a means to provide a variety of information, especially relating to welder movements. at this meeting me will discuss approximately"Welding (EN120964)" thoroughly, hurry see in detail...

Welding (EN120964)

Welding (EN120964) introduction to welding class near me

  • Students

    Specialist evening course delivered over 11 weeks with accredited qualifications where you can specialise in one of the following:

    • Metal Inert Gas (MiG)
    • Tungsten Inert Gas (TiG)
    • Manual Metal Arc (MMA).

    During the first week of the course you will have an over-view of welding techniques (MiG, TiG, MMA) and will be able to follow your chosen pathway from week 2 onwards.

    Sessions will incorporate both Beginners and Level 2 learners.

    Welding (EN120964) introduction to welding class near me

    Materials fees are included in the course fee. You will need to bring safety boots, which must be worn in the workshop, and it is recommended that you wear appropriate PPE suitable for the activity. Safety masks and goggles will be provided for use in the workshop.

    Should you complete your chosen specialism within the 11 week programme, you will have the opportunity to complete one other listed specialism, please note an additional examination fee will be required.

    Students wishing to undertake a level 2 qualification, must first provide a level 1 certificate from a recognised awarding body prior to the start of the course.

    Welding (EN120964) introduction to welding class near me
Welding (EN120964)

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