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Top 2 Techniques Of Welding (With Diagram) Uses Of Welding Techniques

Hallo ! Welcome to the a domain all about welder, This a domain was created as a means to provide a variety of education, especially relating to welder events. on this occasion me will explain circa"Top 2 Techniques of Welding (With Diagram)" plainly, get moving see in detail...

Top 2 Techniques of Welding (With Diagram)

This article throws light upon the top two techniques of welding.

(1) In Leftward Technique, welding starts from the right side and proceeds towards the left— the blowpipe follows the filler rod and the flame is directed towards the incomplete weld (Fig. 5.2).

Leftward Welding

This method is used for welding steel plates under 6.5 mm thick, and also welding for non-ferrous metals. The welding rod moves the blowpipe along the seam, and the weld travels from right to left when the pipe is held in the right hand.

The blowpipe makes an angle of 60°-70° with the plate, the filler rod is held at an angle of 30°-40°. The flame is given a circular motion and played on the joint until a molten pool is obtained—the welding then proceeds on.

(2) In Rightward Technique the welding starts from the left and proceeds toward the right— the filler rod follows the blowpipe and the flame is directed towards the complete weld (Fig. 5.3).

Rightward Welding

In this method the weld progresses along the seam from left to right, the rod following the blowpipe. This method has definite advantages on thick plate over the leftward method. At the time of welding the rod is given a rotational or circular motion, while the blowpipe moves in practically a straight line. When using this method good fusion can be made without a V dress up to 8 mm plate.

Above 8 mm the plates are prepared with a 60° V-shape; it thus makes a good fusion of the weld. A larger blowpipe nozzle is required for a given plate than is leftward welding. This larger flame gives greater welding speed, and less filler rod is used in the narrow V-shape.

This method can be used for vertical, horizontal-vertical and overhead positions (Fig. 5.4).

Leftward Welding

Rightward Welding

Top 2 Techniques of Welding (With Diagram)

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