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Meaning: Girth Welding Define Welding Groove

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meaning: girth welding

meaning: girth welding

Square cut two pipe ends.  Now place them end to end as a joint.  If subsequently welded, this would be a girth weld joint

meaning: girth welding

The cut plane (section) of the pipe end describes a circle.  Girth describes this [general] circular shape/geometry.  Girth: around the perimeter.

Oblique angle joints between pipe are also girth welds (section shape here is oval, hence generalized use of term "girth").  Joining of large formed cylinders (## meters diameter), as for pressure vessels are also girth welds.  The practical aspects of pipe or vessel girth welding may be different and are context specific.

meaning: girth welding

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meaning: girth welding

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