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Forge Welding Hammer What Is Use Of Welding Hammer

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Forge welding hammer

Forge welding hammer

17 hours ago, bigfootnampa said:

Forge welding hammer

This is inaccurate

I don't want to go off topic, so a quick response. this has been debated many times. Some believe like you, some like me. Instead of a long rambling reply and the proverbial 10 pages of arguement, I'm  going to suggest that you do the test I suggested. drop your ball bearing, or hammer and measure the rebound. Then bring a piece of half square long enough to hand hold to a good forging heat. I suggest a good yellow. Drop your ball bearing and measure the rebound. It will prolly be close to zero. Do this on as many varied anvils as you can find. The rebound may be different depending on material, but the end results will be the same. End of the test. 

On 10/23/2019 at 4:31 PM, Shabumi said:

Please correct me if I'm wrong on either description, or if my idea of 1 and 1 don't equal 2

For what it's worth I'm answering his question. It's always a hard decision to not be encouraging to test your ideas vs indicating that there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Please, no offense meant to anyone.

So, let's assume it's a valid experiment and go for it. We need to decide our tools and consider all positives and negatives. Frosty nailed it. What size hammer? A 2-1\2# hammer is a good average weight for a working hammer. What material should be used? 1" gas pipe is seamless and prethreaded. there are threaded caps for this type of pipe. I believe they are cast but may be drop forged, I'm not sure. My hammer measures 1-3\4" on the diamond and about 1-1/2" on the flat. So you can have a very tall skinny diameter or a normal 4" with larger diameter pipe. Next which is best? heavy wall?Thin wall pipe? Threaded ends or welded?What is a good filler? Plenty of good suggestions and I'll add another. I think the canister Damascus guys use powdered iron from the garden stores. This is a good possibility. Being Iron, it has a higher density than what's been measured. I suggest welded not threaded end caps.

So now we have a hammer setup. So let's look at potential problems. So far the container is some semblance of mild steel. What's going to happen when we strike a forge weld? Well, there is a reason our hammers are heat treated. Primarily to keep them from distorting. How many blows will it take to screw the threads if threaded? How many hammer blows till the face and or sides become distorted if welded? Not many, I suspect. 

Now the final question. I stated above that rebound of the hammer is dealt with by learning proper hammer control. Also, hammer control is what keeps the two pieces from springing apart. Quite simply, if you hit it too hard the pieces will spring apart. 

So, now that our hammer is made and we recognize the possible problems, all that's left is to learn proper hammer control with this new hammer in order to strike our forge weld with the proper force in order to make our weld. This is a must no matter what hammer or what it is made of. Thus, in either case the success of your forge weld boils down to proper hammer control.

With all due respect, there are no cheats in our craft, no training wheels. This is not forged in fire or a computer game. Hammer control beats all.

And that's why I suggest that you just learn the needed hammer control with your daily driver to make a forge weld.

No matter your choice,,, have fun.

Forge welding hammer

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