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Best MIG Welders UK For Beginners 2020 - Reviews And Comparison The Use Of Welding Machine

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Best MIG Welders UK for Beginners 2020 - Reviews and Comparison

Best MIG Welders Reviews

Best MIG Welders Reviews

Before we get into the product reviews, let us gain knowledge on what is MIG welding. It is basically a simple and easy welding action that can be used on all kinds of plate metals. It’s a process where an electrode is provided through a welding gun and into the weld pool, combining the two metals together.

MIG is the acronym for metal inert gas, but it’s also known as gas metal arc welding (GMAW). It enables welders to make many types of forgery and repairs on materials.

Best MIG Welders UK for Beginners 2020 - Reviews and Comparison the use of welding machine

These MIG welding machines are very easy to use if you have the basic knowledge of welding. Handful of people have switched to MIG welding because it’s easy to learn.

Now that you know what MIG welding is, let us discuss what are the advantages of this machine and how it can help you in your daily routine.

The key elements of MIG welding are –

  • It’s a low-cost, high production service
  • Can be used to weld many types of monetary applicable metals and alloys
  • Lesser skills are required to operate compared to Stick welding
  • Using a regularly-fed electrode manages a high operator duty cycle and decreases chances of errors
  • This operation is optimal for mechanized welding

A MIG welding machine is a perfect product if you want to start welding right away with your basic knowledge. It might look complex – but the process is simple. It is really useful if some of your materials are damaged and you want a quick repair. If you’re trying to learn how to weld to get into the field, this machine is for you. There are many more complicated machines with difficult processes out there, but this will provide you a good start.

MIG welding is a widely used process in many industries and organizations. The real advantage of this machine is there are no limitations to who can use it. Whether you’re a part of an official company which requires easy welding machines or you’re just a working citizen looking to learn something new. MIG welding will be useful to beginners and experienced workers primarily.

Although it is isn’t as easy as using a glue gun, it will benefit once you learn how to handle it. You will also need very strong protection like a helmet, welding apparel, gloves and knowledge before you begin welding. The MIG wire does not resist oil, rust or other contaminants well, unlike other wires which have higher values of unique additives. So, we highly suggest you know what you’re doing before making a decision. Make sure to clean the bare metal before striking an arc and know the equipment preparation, wire selection, gas selection, travel and work angles and various positions of the metal or the machine. This may sound complicated, but you need to have the knowledge of these components to use a MIG welding machine properly.

In the machine, a shielding gas is also connected to the welding gun and protects the pool from corruption. As there are many advantages of this product, like any other, there are disadvantages too. MIG welding doesn’t function well with extremely thick metals, so you’ll need to know what kind of metals you’re wanting to weld before acquiring it. It is also less portable than other welding machines that don’t involve external shielding gas. Lastly, it has limited controls if you compare it to other welding types. Which means – it is less controlled. But going for this machine is still naturally a good choice if you make use of it well and know the cons. It works with almost all kinds of metals and has a pretty neutral interface compared to more complex and bigger machines.

Best MIG Welders UK for Beginners 2020 - Reviews and Comparison the use of welding machine

Best MIG Welder Machines in UK 2020

Now that you’ve learnt about the machine, we’ll showcase and review five different MIG welding machines and you can choose which one is right for you.

1. R-Tech Mig Welder 180A 240V Portable Inverter

This product is made by the company R-Tech and has great features for its price. It comes with a 3 year collect and return UK warranty. It includes a MIG torch, Gas hose, regulator, Earth lead and manual. All other technical information is provided on its amazon page description.

It has a blue interface with a voltage of 240 volts – impressive for the price. The product itself weighs 14 kilograms and has welding range of 25-180 amps. Also enables use of gasless wire. Includes a cooling fan with thermostatic protection with a LED display to show the actual welding amperage.

It has amazing reviews by customers and has a lot of spotlight right now, the main attraction is the MIG gun. It is an optional spoon gun for easy aluminum welding. You can check out more in the link provided.

Let us explore the pros and cons of this product.


  • Welding gun supplied is very lightweight and easy to use
  • Runs quick without taking much time for setting up
  • Works for a long-time with a guaranteed 3 year warranty


Best MIG Welders UK for Beginners 2020 - Reviews and Comparison the use of welding machine
  • Digital readout interface doesn’t display the voltage or amps if the settings are changed

2. Sealey MIGHTYMIG100 Professional No-Gas MIG Welder 100Amp 230V

This MIG welding machine is quite different from the one shown above. First of all, it’s a No-Gas MIG welder. It comes from a brand called Sealey. The no-gas feature can be great, but it also cannot be great. Let me explain, a lot of customers are having problems with the feature because it causes the machine to splutter a lot.

You’ll need some practice for this welding machine and it’s still quite good for its price. The overall product weighs 15.4 kg with a voltage power of 230. It also has a 1.8mtr earth cable, 0.45 kg flux cored wire and 1mm contact tip. Includes a comfort grip non-live torch too. With a euro torch and F.A.C.S. (Forced Air-Cooling System), you know this is a good product. The case size is compact and simple to unveil. Once you have the right amount of practice and knowledge, this can be a really useful MIG welding machine in your budget.


  • Has a great forced air-cooling system
  • Average power
  • Easy functionalities


  • No-gas feature causes discomfort

3. Dirty Pro Tools™ Professional Mig Welder Gasless 100A

This MIG welding machine is more suitable for experienced and DIY users. But beginners can also try this out as it has a simple interface within budget, so it is a great product for learners. It weighs around 14 kilograms. The box includes an earth clamp, clipping hammer, wire brush, protection helmet, and a flux core. The main voltage is around 240V and has 10 fuses.

Best MIG Welders UK for Beginners 2020 - Reviews and Comparison the use of welding machine

So, it is a professional model for long usage with wire speed control and it works from a standard 13amp plug which makes everything simpler. Its cooling system includes a turbo fan which can keep it cool it while using the full power of the machine. This machine is also gasless which can good and bad depending on your experience with it.

You can check out the amazon page which is linked to see all the reviews and descriptions of the product. The reviews of it are great and customers are very satisfied.


  • Within budget, easy interface
  • Extra useful accessories included
  • Long-term product with a turbo fan
  • Has a lot power when welding


  • The gasless feature may be hard to use if the user is not experienced with it
  • Not much instructions for first-time users

4. Wolf MIG 140 Gas/No Gas Combination Turbo

This machine is a totally different from those specified above. It is a Gas/No-Gas welding machine meaning you can use it however you wish to. It is also very simple to interchange between the two features. Why it’s so different from the other machines is because of its weight. It weighs around 32 kg with a non-live torch, turbo fan, and a welding current range of 30-135 amps. It has a smooth DC output current and thermal overload protection, also operates from a 230V supply.

Now, hearing the weight might get you thinking about this product – But no worries, it is fully portable with all the necessary tools supplied. The box includes a mini spool of flux cored MIG wire, CO2 gas cylinder, mini spool of mild steel copper coated MIG wire, two 0.6mm tips, two 0.8mm tips, 0.9mm MIG tip, spare torch shroud, 0.6mm/0.8mm wire drive roller, mini gas regulator, chipping hammer/wire brush and a hand-held face shield. Quite extraordinary, right?

Best MIG Welders UK for Beginners 2020 - Reviews and Comparison the use of welding machine

You might think the price for this can be really high after reading all the inclusions in the box, but its price is £186.95. It’s a very fair deal for all the extra items you’re getting and the welding machine itself.

For more information, visit the product page of this welding machine. The reviews are average as some customers are facing power problems.


  • Up to 6 selectable power settings
  • Fully portable with wheels and a pull handle
  • Operates on a single-phase supply of 230V
  • Gas/No-gas interchangeable setting.


  • Cannot weld thick steel
  • Not a long-term product

5. Sealey SUPERMIG180 180Amp Professional MIG Welder

This MIG welding machine must seem familiar – Yes, it’s another model from Sealey with higher power and amperage. It is an advanced and professional machine designed for longer usage. It comes 180Amp, 200Amp, 230Amp, 250Amp, and 270Amp. Prices will vary for each one but in this review, we’re going to focus on the 180Amp one.

It’s made from pure metal and plastic with a red interface. The SUPERMIG180 weighs around 47 kilograms, so it is heavy. It is a gas welder. This welding machine is highly recommended for industrial or professional use only, unless you have the experience and a private space for welding. It is not a basic model that is suitable for beginners. It has a voltage of 240 and does not include extra accessories. Overall, the product is really good and has amazing reviews by verified customers.

It is also quite portable with wheels and a handle attached to it despite its weight. For its price and features – It is a great product and deserves a try. Suitable for welding with CO2, Argon or CO2/Argon mix. The machine uses a forced air-cooling system to avoid overheating and at the same time, increases its duty cycle. It has an inbuilt non-live torch to prevent accidents.

You can check more information and reviews of this product in the link specified above.


  • Long-term product
  • Can contain very high power
  • Portable


  • Short torch lead
  • Not a beginner-friendly product

These are five MIG welding machines with a lot variety in features, usage and power. If you’re starting new, you can choose whichever peaks your interest the most in these machines. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages, but they are powerful machines.

Before you buy – make sure you have all the extra accessory which is used in welding and also acquire basic knowledge about how to use and other components of the machine. You should also have protection such as a helmet, welding apparel, and gloves. These are absolutely necessary before you start. You can get all the equipment by searching them up. Analyze what you want to weld, based on that buy a suitable product for your comfort. There are many types of machines in welding and you should pick the one which you want based on its features, power, portability, and usage. Lastly, good luck and have fun welding.

Best MIG Welders UK for Beginners 2020 - Reviews and Comparison

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