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Arc Welding Videos Arc Welding Download

Hi ! Welcome to the a website all about welder, This a website was created as a means to provide a variety of learning, especially relating to welder pursuits. on this occasion author will discuss "Arc Welding Videos" clearly, let's go see more...

Arc Welding Videos

Arc Welding Videos arc welding  download

I am working to bring you more arc/stick welding videos but for now, this is it.

Arc Welding Videos arc welding  download

I call it stick welding but there are still quite a few folks who call stick welding "arc welding".

In my shop, I dont have a need to do much stick welding. But its still a good process. Especially when you need to burn a stick or two of stainless rod. Its a pain to swap out a spool of mig wire and hook up a different bottle of gas.

OR sometimes you need to go outside to weld something and the wind is blowing....Thats when stick welding comes in really handy.

as of Feb 2012, there is a merit badge for welding I made this video as a help for boy scouts and counselors...but its a good stick welding primer for anyone.

Arc Welding Videos arc welding  download

....Old school stick welding for when you have to weld over crap

Sometimes good enough is good enough...and sometimes you cant clean the metal or it just aint worth it

more arc welding videos...

Sometimes you dont know the exact metal you are welding but it damn sure needs welding right now...

differences in 6010, 6011, 7018, and 7024

Arc Welding / Stick welding videos are a good way to learn some basic technique and to get a feel what its all about.

Seat time is what will get you improvement.

You need to burn some rods.

I suggest getting a piece of angle iron about 12-18 inches long and start welding beads and stacking them as neatly as you can.

When you get ok at stacking beads, reposition the angle iron so that you are welding vertical.

Then practice arc welding downhill using a 6011 or 6010 rod. (6011 if you only have an AC machine).

When downhill welding comes out ok, now its time to weld uphill.

make sure to dunk the angle iron in a bucket of water every 3 or 4 passes briefly to take some ...not all...of the heat out so that it does not get red hot and gets all crazy.

Arc Welding Videos

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