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Arc Burns!!!!! Define Welding Burn Off Rate

Hi ! Welcome to the a website all about welder, This a website was created as a means to provide a variety of understanding, especially relating to welder pursuits. on this occasion me will explain circa"Arc burns!!!!!" distinctly, hurry up see more...

Arc burns!!!!!

Arc burns!!!!!

I believe it was John Wright wrote about a demonstration he has performed for his welders to show the affects of an arc strike.

Arc burns!!!!!

He described dragging the electrode over the surface of a plate and then bending the plate so that the arc strikes are within the bend radius and subjected to the tensile loads. The results are typically cracks due to the microstructure resulting from the arc strike.  I tried the experiment and it worked as predicted.

As Metarinka stated, the rapid cooling of the metal melted by the momentary arc results in a hardened heat affected zone under the visible arc strike. The higher the strength of the steel alloy, i.e., higher carbon equivalency due to alloy additions, the sensitive the HAZ to the hardening effects of the rapid cooling.

Arc burns!!!!!

In the early days of pipelining the steels used were essentially low carbon steels. As such, the materials did not develop the very hard heat affected zones under the arc strikes such as we experience  with today's high strength, high performance steels. The newer line pipe materials, having higher carbon equivalencies are also more susceptible to delayed hydrogen cracking, thus low hydrogen electrodes that have been properly stored are required.

The Navy requires the arc strike and the adjacent HAZ to be ground out and blended. If the the carbon content is above a certain threshold, the blemish has to be etched with acid to ensure the HAZ is completely removed.

Times and technology are changing. We in the welding industry have to keep up with technology. We need to be aware of how our daily practices may have unexpected consequences. It is better hear about and learn about the possible consequences here in the Forum than on the job site. Welcome to the School of Hard Knocks were we learn from each other's mistakes. Hopefully, we won't repeat them.

My apologies if it wasn't JW that told us about the demonstration I mentioned in the first sentence.

Best regards - Al

Arc burns!!!!!

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