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A Very Short Welding Lesson Welding Lesson

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A Very Short Welding Lesson welding lesson

A Very Short Welding Lesson

Dipublikasikan tanggal 19 Okt 2008

A Very Short Welding Lesson welding lesson

The Kimchiman (me) does NOT know how to weld, so Jon Bevan gives him a quick lesson in welding.

Note on Oct 13, 2011: Wow! So many comments on this short video! At some points the discussion's got quite heated (bad welding joke!). Anyway, thanks to all for your input. I had no idea when I uploaded this video that there would be so many strong opinions going both ways about how to weld something.

A Very Short Welding Lesson welding lesson

As a non-welder, I'll only say this about Jon's welds (the guy doing the welding in this vid); I've NEVER seen any of his welds go bad on the stuff he has repaired and/or fabricated. He's worked on a lot of equipment for the company that he works for, including fixing excavator buckets & booms, etc, and the welds have always held. For me, the guy who uses the equipment, that's all that really matters at the end of the day.

I'll leave y'all to comment what you will, but those are my two bits worth. Thanks for the interest!

A Very Short Welding Lesson

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